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1-1 Coaching

Craig has been delivering 1-1 coaching & training since 2001, helping business executives, ambassadors and world class athletes sustain peak performance and prevent burnout. Along with this he has helped people recover from serious physical health conditions, depression and anxiety plus support thousands of busy professionals in managing their health and lifestyle.

Craig has helped people recover from serious physical health conditions, depression and anxiety plus support thousands of busy professionals in managing their health and lifestyle. He looks at all pillars of health (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) to help you maximise your results. The focus is client-led with sessions and the programmes prescribed based around your needs and requirements. Craig specialises in mindfulness, stress management, weight loss, exercise prescription, personal development and lifestyle management.

"After breaking the WR for the fastest circumnavigation by bicycle (18,000miles in 194 days), I had physically paid the price and needed intensive recovery before training back to peak condition. Craig’s holistic approach has meant that my form is now even better than when I took on the world, and meant I had the endurance and all-round conditioning on my last expedition to both cycle over 13,000 miles and climb two of the highest mountains in the western hemisphere. I am also very impressed with Craig’sunderstanding of psychology and mentality!"

World Record Breaking Adventurer,
Mark Beaumont

All coaching programmes begin with a series of health & lifestyle questionnaires followed by a consultation to determine where you are currently at and the best way to move forward.

Due to Craig’s demands of delivering corporate wellbeing, consultancy and group courses, his 1-1 slots are very limited and reviewed every 8 weeks for a small number new clients to come on board. A waiting list is used in between these times.

If you would like 1-1 coaching with Craig please contact:

What other clients have said...
Avatar 86

Craig is at the forefront of his industry. He teaches life changing stress reducing techniques, that also increase energy, focus and wellbeing, incorporating both mind and body restorative workouts that are highly beneficial for both personal and work stress related issues. As a business owner and father of three young children, I went to Craig for help in overcoming burnout that was negatively affecting my life. By working with him I have regained control of my health and completely changed the way I approach day to day activities. He is a consummate professional with a wonderful coaching manner. Above all he is committed, focused and results driven.

Nick Workman,
International Executive

Avatar 103

Craig’s coaching helped me recover from a serious accident where my neck was broken and I had serious brain trauma. I couldn’t concentrate for longer than 10 min at a time, was majorly fatigued and my balance hugely affected. Now after working with Craig I know how to manage my mind and body with intensive periods of concentrating and writing, which I never thought was going to be possible again and I can also do 10 full pushups now too!

Dr Julie Marney,
Writer & Researcher

Avatar 98

Thanks to the expertise of Craig Ali I dropped 7% body fat and 18lbs in only 3 months, my muscles are now toned and my body fat has reduced considerably. I feel very healthy, productive, have more energy, focus and feel more confident both in and outside of work.

Former Ambassador

Avatar 105

I had months of failed weight loss attempts and after the initial consultation, I was able to implement the information and start losing weight instantly.

Lady Christine Nichols

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