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Introduction to Mindfulness

This introduction to mindfulness e-learning programme helps guide you through a process of understanding what mindfulness is and how to integrate it into your life plus learn some of the main concepts to train the mind through mindfulness.


Course overview

This is a progressive programme, with each session building upon one another and it's recommended that you work through the programme over a 2-3 week period.

There are guided audio practices relating to the topic of each video, plus 3 mindful movement routines for when you want to do moving meditations - and a video with meditation music.

Course contents: 

  • Introduction to mindfulness and benefits with links to neuroscience research 

  • How to practice mindfulness and how to easily integrate it into your life. 

  • Understanding how to use the main supports of sound, breath and body in your practice.

  • Learning how to allow the mind to rest with whatever is present in both your meditation practice and life in general. 

  • Covering the concepts of how compassion and mindfulness come together and explaining Dr Paul Gilbert's 3 emotional systems model. 

  • Training our minds to observe the constant chatter and activity that goes on without reacting to it.

As well as the bonus Movement & Music Support videos!


Lifetime Access

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Begin your journey with mindfulness today. 

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