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Physical Health, Immune System & Cognitive Energy Level 1
Eat, Move, Recover

Eat, Move, Recover focuses on optimising and building workplace health. Many of us lead increasingly sedentary and stressful lives – this masterclass provides you with the self-care tools to help manage a busy lifestyle and build resilience, taking small steps that can lead to profound changes.

Eat, Move, Recover is our flagship seminar and has been delivered worldwide within FTSE organisations, such as Standard Life Investments.


Designed as an accessible and engaging 60-90 minute session, Eat Move Recover builds awareness of workplace health and overall wellbeing to inspire staff to lead a healthier lifestyle.



  • We will teach your teams how to set up a work station & mobility exercises to improve posture and relieve back/neck pain.

  • Understand the fundamental building blocks of nutrition to manage energy and the immune system.

  • Gain insight on circadian rhythms to boost sleep, immune system and cognitive function.

  • Build awareness of stress response and learn tools to minimize and manage stress.

  • Regain a better work-life balance, improving both our workplace health, happiness and productivity.

Eat, move

"After attending Eat, Move, Recover I was able to plan my approach to lose weight and went on to lose a stone over the next couple of months using the strategies suggested by Total Health. I was also able to sustain the weight loss and build on it further."

Grant, Standard Life Investments Employee

Posture and Back Care

Back pain is the most frequent reason for sickness and absenteeism at work – most of us spend most of our time at work sitting, leaning or bending.


Our posture and back care masterclass shows you how to look after the health of your back and spine. We’ll educate you on posture and basic anatomy, giving you a deeper understanding of your body and how to care of it.

We’ll also provide effective exercises for your everyday routine to take control of your workplace health and back strength. They’re easy to follow, take very little time and are designed to fit round everyday life, but will have a profound effect on aches, pains and injuries.


  • Teach participants how to manage and improve back pain to have an instant impact on personal pain.

  • Posture also has a dramatic effect on concentration and focus in the workplace. Just thinking about your posture has a proven effect on productivity.

  • We’ll also improve the strength and posture of your workforce and inspire them to move more. This has a positive effect on aches, pains and weight gain.


Mobility exercises have made a huge impact. I was struggling with a bad knee and taking painkillers – but I’m now pain and meds free’.

Ian, Standard Life Investments Employee

Freshly Picked Food

There is so much info on nutrition that it can often confuse people to the point where they don’t know what advice to follow.


This workshop will help you understand the foundations that we all need to include in our diet as our building blocks for health and how to integrate them into your daily routines.


There will be insight on what to eat, when to eat, gut health and digestion.


  • Learn the building blocks for optimal health & immune system function.

  • Gain insight on how to fuel the brain to gain maximum cognitive function.

  • Understand the gut and digestion to help reach total health.

  • Learn about fasting, time restricted eating and optimum times to eat.

Nutrition for Health PT 1
Nutrition PT 1

"Total Health’s enthusiastic and engaging approach to health and wellbeing was a key factor in our team being so receptive to their advice. They provided our team with a range of techniques that they could choose from to help manage stress and improve their wellbeing. The team found the interactive group sessions to be both fun and informative and this informal structure was a key factor in the team being so willing to fully engage in the sessions that Total Health provided."

COO, Murgitroyd

Physical Health, Immune System & Cognitive Energy Level 2
Total Movement

How we move has a big impact on our lives’. The more efficiently our body moves, the less energy we waste, there’s less stress on our joints and spine plus we can pull ourselves out of a stress response with movement - all impacting the quality of our day and working performance.


This is a practical workshop that builds on the posture & back care session by looking at mobility and posture exercises in greater depth to prevent pain and injury.


Exercises that stimulate the brain and body are covered along with movements and routines to take mind and body into deep states of recovery.


  • Learn how to improve posture and strength.

  • Understand how to manage energy through movement plus optimum warm up routines to
    prevent injury.

  • Practice techniques that stimulate brain activity and immune health.

  • Understand how to wind the mind and body down for deep states of recovery.


"I never knew there was such a fun and different way to exercise and host was excellent!"

Edinburgh College Employee

Healthy Salad
Nutrition for Health PT 2

After learning more about the foundations of nutrition in part 1- what to eat, when to eat, how to eat, it is important that each individual understands how to implement this information into their lives’.


This is a very practical workshop that takes a look at information shared in part 1 and coaches each individual into identifying where they need to make tweaks and create a personal plan that enables them to make the changes to their diet and lifestyle.


  • Identifying where and what needs changed in diet and lifestyle.

  • Gain insight on behavior change and making these changes sustainable.

  • learn more about how to take care of gut health and the immune system through diet.

  • Leave with a personal plan to implement that fits round the needs of each individual.

Nutrition Pt 2
Physical Health, Immune System & Cognitive Energy Level 3

When we are working hard, moving efficiently, exercising and fueling ourselves correctly all we need to maximise our physical and mental energy is optimum recovery for the brain and body. This workshop will go deeper into our circadian rhythms, biological needs, how to replenish the brain and how to fit optimum recovery into a busy life. Relaxation and recovery should not be taking from productivity but adding to it and this is what we relay in this session.


  • Understand how to follow the bodies natural rhythms to maximise energy.

  • learn simple meditation and breathing exercises to guide the brain and body into deep states of relaxation quickly.

  • Gain more insight into the importance and improving the quality of sleep.

  • Have more understanding of how to manage physical and mental energy.

Optimum Recovery
Optimum Recovery
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